For the second year in a row, I was tasked with creating an email campaign to draw in our customer's eyes. I chose to tap into my love for animated pixel art for this project to give a different take on a nostalgic look in contrast to last year where I took a retro wave style. You can view that project under Father's Day 2022.
The Concept
This concept was born from my love of animation and pixel art. I started by selecting a BMW E30 because of its classic-looking design and unique back grill design which helped create more design interest when bringing it to pixel art. Below is the BMW E30 that the design was modeled after and the E30 isolated in its animated state along with the father and son passengers.
The Emblem
The emblem's inspiration came from a couple of my favorite 80's movies: Back to the Future and The Empire Strikes Back.  I tried to create the emblem just lightly referencing the two without totally losing the feel of my current animation design. 
The Email & landing pages
Once the car was finished, I built the environment around it to ensure the timing was accurate between all the frames in the animation, the emblem being the only piece that was built separately to be added to the finished composition. I knew that this design needed to be strong enough to last for multiple weeks of being on the site and being sent in several different emails without becoming stale for the audience. Below are the different assets that I crafted to be used throughout the longevity of the sales presence online.
Hero Email
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Sale Landing Page
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Home Page Banner
Gift Guide Email
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Social Media
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