The Illustration
The idea for the illustration came from looking at coats of arms, and other illustrations with this collage blooming effect. I digitally illustrated each part of the design fully and collaged them together to create a balanced bloom of car parts each specifically designed from real parts that are sold on the ECS Tuning website. This was then designed around so that it was the main centerpiece of each email to go out for the Partstoberfest sale.
The Design
I chose to make several different versions of the email design and updated them as the sale ran throughout the month. Each week that the sale ran we wanted to refresh the creative with the idea being to keep customers engaged in the sale. My idea was to take each week as we came closer to Halloween and make the design spookier, finally reaching October 31st when the design would attain its final form. 
Week One Email 
Week two Email 
Final week Email
Final Day Email 
Website Sale Pages
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